Friday, June 26, 2009

Granna's House

Micah man loved being outside today the sun was out and there was a breeze. It was a beautiful Ojai day.

Mommy and Micah man chillin in the shade watching a humming bird.

Oh brothers!! after I got these pictures Joseph pushed Micah on to the blanket almost face first, gotta love it! On accident I think Joseph was just way too excited to sit still much less have is brother on his lap. But I got a very cute picture.

Yeah he is a ham!!
We also swung in the hammock and Joseph and Granna played in the pool and Micah kicked in the pool. Man I love my family Thank you God.


Provl8dy said...

Such big "Little Men"! They are amazingly more handsome than the last time I saw them. And getting so big.

hestermom said...

They are so handsome!! And my Chels... you are such a fox!! =) That picture of you is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ahem...ihelped make them...its my family too. Man I miss you guys. Love you, see you soon

mrs. mari said...

i happened upon your blog by way of gwendolyn strong. micah and joseph are so handsome!!

i am originally from ventura, but moved to berkeley for college and stayed for 30 years. my youngest son attended the Ojai Valley School. so between ventura and the ovs, we know and love ojai. 8 years ago today, we moved to seattle and are still here (all of my children have graduated college so it's just me and my dh.)

so glad to meet you. you have a beautifl family.
we will be keeping micah and you all in our prayers.

Victoria Strong said...

Beautiful photos -- all of them, especially Mommy and Micah. Thinking of you all!

Anonymous said...

Cutie patooties! Love the new photos Chels. Love, Kacee

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