Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay this was a crazy month Micah turned 2!!! Yeah Micah! However he was sick on his birthday so we didn't get to celebrate like I wanted to! We did humiliate him even though he wasn't feeling well!

Danielle and John came over to tell Micah happy birthday and give him presents!

Oh yeah we got a puppy! He is a bull mastiff and German Shepherd mix and his name is Beau!

Joseph graduated from pre-school! They had a cowboy promotion party!

And there was lots of snuggles and giggles!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Micah's March 2010

Micah's March 2009
Bill, Victoria, Gwendolyn Strong & Chelsea and Don Marshall
Micah was sick and just out of the hospital so he didn't make it.

Micah’s March 2010 will be held on Saturday, August 28th at 5 pm. Together with many other concerned citizens, I will be taking part in a 3-mile walk through the City of Ojai, to raise money and raise awareness. There will also be a “Benefit Dinner/Concert and Silent Auction” to follow the walk. I hope you will consider partnering with me in this endeavor and help to bring an end to this disease. The walk starts at Ojai Valley Baptist Church and we will walk to Vons and back to the church where we will have dinner and listen to music and have a silent auction.

Let me know if you would like to join me in the walk:

Registration is $10 (Includes dinner and t-shirt) and check is made payable to:“Don Marshall fbo Micah Marshall” and mailed to Nikki Clark at P.O. Box 1154 Oak View, CA 93022Their hope is for each “Marcher” to raise $100.

Let me know if you would like to sponsor me in the walk:

Check is made payable to “Don Marshall fbo Micah Marshall” for Micah’s medical needs or “The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation” for SMA research.

Let me know if you would like to attend the Dinner and Concert:

Dinner starts at 6:30pm @ Ojai Valley Baptist Church 11642 N. Ventura Ave. Ojai$10/ Adult $5/Child $25 Max. per family

August is here!

For some reason I always get nervous around august, I think its because winter is fast approaching and Joseph is going to be in school where the germs spread like wildfire. However August is here and we've already had our first RUN to the doctors. Micah desated last night at the park while the kids and dogs were playing and I had to run him home and give him a breathing treatment and vest him followed by cough assisting and suctioning and I finally got him back to normal almost. Then this morning Micah had another episode off his bipap he desated to 72 and I could not get him back up off his bipap. So I put bipap back on and he continued to oxygenate low at 90 to 92 so I called his nurse and she told me to get him to the doctor. After changed bipap setting, new medication, x-ray and blood gas to do tomorrow, we are home now and doing better. It must be a Monday!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Micah camping with us a couple months ago, he loves so much to be outside around a campfire! Micah's first birthday and his beautiful smile. I cant believe its been 1 year that we've known Gwendolyn and Bill and Victoria, thank you guys for all your support, help and love!
Micah just born, he cried like I have never heard and I loved it. 7 pounds and 1 ounce at 11:04pm and man he was in a hurry to get here! I am so happy!

Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, funny, stubborn, strong little fighter! Micah you are amazing to me and I am so thrilled and blessed that everyone was wrong when they told us you wouldn't live to see your 2nd birthday. I love you kid.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I want to tell everyone who reads this blog to see how Micah is doing that i am very sorry for disconnecting for so long. The past few months have been trying in our household. Micah has been consistently fighting a cold, but we have been able to keep him home and fight! This is a huge accomplishment to me, i have learned how to use his Bi pap machine to facilitate his breathing when he is in distress and with the medications we have at our home i can get him through the rough spells. That doesn't mean i haven't been seconds away from taking him to the er about 4 times when all the sudden he'd go to sleep or start talking to me and i did take him to the ER once but I have found that place to be a huge waist of Micah's precious time.

We got to meet Danielle's mom, Jody and had a great time snuggling and visiting with her Danielle and John came down to visit.

My husband broke his leg and we all have been sick in shifts around this house, ear infections included. we are just now coming off another cold and i am so hoping its the last of the season but i probably know better.

We have been camping twice in March and had a blast. Danielle and John came down and camped with us and Deb and Mark(Two of our friends from Lancaster) and their 2 kids. It was so much fun and we WILL be doing it again. Micah loved the camp fire he talked and talked to it and his eyes were all lit up watching it. Its not an easy thing to camp with all Micah's gear but he needs to do this stuff and enjoys every moment of it.

Next time we need to get John in the picture too!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help us win 1 million dollars for SMA

Please take just a few minutes to see this site and the video(Micah and Gwendolyn are in it) and vote for the Gwendolyn Stron Foundation.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Alright here are a bunch of pictures for the last two weeks or more!!This is Joseph and Micah at Joseph's School Christmas program!(above)
Micah helping mommy frost Christmas cookies!(below)

The kids at Granny's house New Years eve with cousins Kirstianna and Keaden.

Our Family!

Joseph got drums form Santa!

Danielle got Micah a George to snuggle!

Micah and Joe in their matching jammas!

Christmas day evening we went to my moms house and ate more food. Micah loves Granna!

This is my brothers girlfriend Sarah, we love Sarah!
This is Joseph and is Uncle Sean!

And here is our amazing friend and nurse Danielle who came to Ojai to spend New Years eve with us. We had a lot of fun eating tritip and playing board games and video games. Thank you Danielle for hanging out with us!
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