Friday, May 29, 2009

Play day at the park!

Here they are Micah, sleepy boy. Joseph like the energizer bunny, wont stop running around. Kirstianna, she just thinks she is so big! Kirstianna is Joseph and Micah's cousin and I didn't get any pictures of baby Kaeden(I hope I spelled that right) he was sound asleep. Thnak you Auntie Nikki for going with us to the park!!

The aftermath

This doesn't even do it justice. All his little brusies and little poke marks! It's over though.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second attempt.

Today I also had to take Micah to try to draw his blood again. Our first try was terrible. It wasn't because of the lab or the people but because I had fooled myself by thinking that Micah had been doing so well he wasn't really that sick. When they couldn't draw a small amount of blood from him, and he is crying and crying and looking at me for comfort and I can't pick him up to comfort him because they are sticking him for the third or fourth time in his other arm, it hit me hard. My baby is still very sick no matter how well he is doing right now. So they were not able to get blood from Micah at the first lab 3 people tried he was stuck three or four times in each arm and was totally stressed out but the end. They asked if I wanted them to try one more time I said NO!. We called the doctor and go the to get an auth for another lab. I lost it I cried so hard and so long.

So today I took Micah to another lab today I was prepared for the worst and it happened. Micah was stuck three or four times in each arm by 3 people but on the last stick she got it. WHEEW! They were so close to calling the doctor and getting an order to try his feet and legs!!! I do not know how I would have handled that. a few hours after we were home I got a call to let me know everything was normal!! Thank you God!

Tonight Joseph wanted to spend time with Micah , It was so cute. They got in the crib together and watched Despereaux. I love my boys.

Just playin'

So we had a great night on Wednesday with our friends. They came over to visit and have dinner with us. Joseph loves to play with their kids Caleb and Jackson. Right off the bat I hear Joseph start to cry, they were sword fighting!!! I forget that these kids need to be told that swinging a hard plastic stick at another kid is not really a good Idea. Anyways Joseph got hit in the eye while they were sword fighting and it didn't look very bad at first. Later I noticed his eye getting redder and I knew I better take him to the doctor in the morning. Thursday I took him to the doctor and he has a big scratch in his eye. When the doctor tells you he really whacked his eye hard you know it was a good one. What now, eye drops to keep it from getting infected 4 times a day for 7 days, I laugh because I know what it is like to get eye drops in a 3 3/4 year old's eye.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Micah's new AFOs

These are Micah's new AFOs they are going to help keep his feel resting in a more natural position and stretch his heel cords so he does not get contractures. They are so cute they have helicopters and airplanes and trucks all over them. So boy, I love it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last night!!

So lat night I was getting Micah ready for bed I cleaned his face and got his jammas on. I had noticed he is having a little irritation on his button so I put a gauze under it and taped it so the movement of it would not irritate it further. then I decided to put the extension tube in and tape it also and when I took micah to bed the tube caught between me and the crib and pulled the whole thing out!! There was an open hole in his stomach and I was responsible for it. I quickly stuck my finger over it so that his whole stomach contents would not come out and yelled for my husband to help me. When he cam in the room he panicked and asked what he could do. I quickly got my head together and got the button back in and cleaned up everything. Of course this is the kind of thing that happens to me when I am trying to be careful with my sons button. Then I gave him some motrin hoping that would stop him from crying and I have yet to look at it this morning but MAN I just dont know!

I am not able to upload the picts from my camera to the computer right now. last week we had a virus on our computer so I need to call the place and ask them what to do about it. Then I will post a pict of Micah's new braces for his little feet!

Oh and he is teething so he has been very cranky and we had a terrible experience at the lab trying to get blood drawn last week . I go more in to it later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A great adventure

I finally did it. I made plans for all of us to get out of this stinking house. We are going camping. Mother's day weekend we went to Lake Castias which is only about 10 miles from our house with our trailer. I was a little wound up as I get when I have to get all the things together for Micah alone but then all of us too, clothes dinners toys, you know the drill. I laughed when we finally got set up and I could finally breathe. I have never seen so much equipment for such a small child in my life. It still amazes me. We had a blast. Our friends from Lancaster came over to have dinner with us on Friday and it was so much fun. We sat by the campfire at night, that is my husbands favorite part of camping! we cooked on the BBQ for dinner, We had a beautiful pancake breakfast Sat morning with strawberries. Daddy and Joe flew a kite and we all went fishing. We played on the playground and kicked a ball around with our neighbors. It was so much fun to be away from home but not too far in case Micah needed something of I forgot something.

Sunday dinners.

So my mother just decided that she was gonna start doing dinner for the family on Sunday, Make it if you can and she'll feed you. That's kinda what she told us. I have been enjoying the time we spend there, I usually only see my family once a week and we live in the same town but mostly because I get to see my brother, sorry mom I love you too, but my brother is 22 and lives in Santa Barbara so we never used to get to see him. Now we know we will pretty much get to see him on Sunday nights.

This is Uncle Sean with Micah a couple of Sundays ago. I am so proud of my brother, he really took Micah's diagnosis hard just like all of us and it was right in the middle of finals at college for him and he still did well. I know Joseph loves his time with Uncle Sean too because Uncle Sean will do just about anything Joseph wants to do.
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