Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Great Day!

Joseph was so happy, he took this picture all by himself!

I have been trying to convince my self to get off my bum and do more with my family. yesterday was the first of many adventures even though we have been to the Santa Barbara Zoo before. I had a great time. When we got there we met up with Danielle, who is such a beautiful person. Danielle is a PICU nurse who took care of Micah during our month long stay at the hospital when he was 6 months old. It warmed my heart and I loved her from the beginning because she was one of the only nurses that would sit with him during the night and hold his hand or talk to him. She was always more like a good friend than a nurse. She was also one of the three people who saved him the night we almost lost Micah. Anyways Danielle sat and ate lunch with us, helping me keep both boys entertained and talking about how her fiance purposed to her this last weekend. We walked around for a while and then we were meet by Victoria and Gwendolyn. I had the greatest time at the Zoo. I love to see Gwendolyn's eyes light up when she meets someone, and her beautiful smile. I forget a lot how important it is to have some time with grown up people. I get so used to being a mom and caregiver that I forget how to be a woman too. Danielle stayed with us while we bravely took Micah and Gwendolyn and Joseph on the train and I was very impressed with us. First time both of us had tried to get the equipment and kids on the train. A lot of work for a 15 minute train ride but well worth it. Both kids loved it Joseph has been on it before and still loved it. After the train ride Miss Danielle went home to nap before her night shift at work and Victoria and I strolled around the zoo and chatted about all things SMA. Thank you Victoria! I feel so blessed to have another mom so close to me to talk to about all this stuff. You girls are the best!

And again, yes this is what tired looks like!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, what a great day it was! My days with your family warm my heart! The train ride better was way better than any nap I could have taken. Thank you for the kind words Chelsea... a good friend always and forever!
Love you!

harrells said...

YAY! I am so excited you guys got to do that:) What an awesome day!

Rachel Tenpenny Crawford said...

I nominated you for an Honest Scrap Award. Check my blog for instructions. Also, I am in Ojai until next wednesday if you want to hang out! I will call you if you don't call me first.

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