Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I want to tell everyone who reads this blog to see how Micah is doing that i am very sorry for disconnecting for so long. The past few months have been trying in our household. Micah has been consistently fighting a cold, but we have been able to keep him home and fight! This is a huge accomplishment to me, i have learned how to use his Bi pap machine to facilitate his breathing when he is in distress and with the medications we have at our home i can get him through the rough spells. That doesn't mean i haven't been seconds away from taking him to the er about 4 times when all the sudden he'd go to sleep or start talking to me and i did take him to the ER once but I have found that place to be a huge waist of Micah's precious time.

We got to meet Danielle's mom, Jody and had a great time snuggling and visiting with her Danielle and John came down to visit.

My husband broke his leg and we all have been sick in shifts around this house, ear infections included. we are just now coming off another cold and i am so hoping its the last of the season but i probably know better.

We have been camping twice in March and had a blast. Danielle and John came down and camped with us and Deb and Mark(Two of our friends from Lancaster) and their 2 kids. It was so much fun and we WILL be doing it again. Micah loved the camp fire he talked and talked to it and his eyes were all lit up watching it. Its not an easy thing to camp with all Micah's gear but he needs to do this stuff and enjoys every moment of it.

Next time we need to get John in the picture too!!


Anonymous said...

No apologizies needed. You have your hands full and we all know that if something major happens you will find the time to fill us all in. Glad to see Micah has been able to stay home through most of the last illnesses. Sorry to hear about Devo breaking his leg. How did he manage to do that? Both the boys are looking great. I'm sure Micah truly enjoys the camping and you are right, he should be able to do things he likes to do. You are a GREAT Mom and I'm so proud of you for doing all that you do.

Bobby and Lisa from VA

Anonymous said...

I am crying and I see you guys atleast once a week! I can't believe how big the boys have gotten in the short year and a half since I have known your family. We were so happy to spend time at the lake with you guys! Seeing the joy the campfire brought Micah was so so so fun! You, my friend, have tackled and conquered SO MUCH this winter! You are an amazing woman, I admire your strength. Thank you for sharing Micah with me once a week:), I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me.

Anita said...

What's that you say a Marshall buy got all excited and eyes glazed over at the sight of a camp blaze? How unsual ;)
It bring a tear to my eye to see a family trat being carried on. Glad you are getting out as a fam and enjoying life. Love ya ALL so very much. MeeMee

Anita said...

That would BOY not BU, sorry no brain cells left????

Darren and Jody said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing good.

Love Jody

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