Monday, August 02, 2010

August is here!

For some reason I always get nervous around august, I think its because winter is fast approaching and Joseph is going to be in school where the germs spread like wildfire. However August is here and we've already had our first RUN to the doctors. Micah desated last night at the park while the kids and dogs were playing and I had to run him home and give him a breathing treatment and vest him followed by cough assisting and suctioning and I finally got him back to normal almost. Then this morning Micah had another episode off his bipap he desated to 72 and I could not get him back up off his bipap. So I put bipap back on and he continued to oxygenate low at 90 to 92 so I called his nurse and she told me to get him to the doctor. After changed bipap setting, new medication, x-ray and blood gas to do tomorrow, we are home now and doing better. It must be a Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job with Micah Mamma Chelsea. Can't wait to see you all soon. Hugs and kisses to all. I will be praying for you August anxiety : ) Love, Teeca

CCHSKID said...

Micah is adorable! I'm glad you were able to get his Bipap settings fixed and Micah feeling better.

I am a young adult with CCHS, for which I am trached and on a vent 24/7. I also run the Blogs for the support group my mom started for families of kids on vents (including Bipap.) We have a number of SMA families in our group, and you are most welcome to join. Check out our Blogs and use the contact form to let me know if you would like to join. Also, if you know any other families with vent kids that you think might be interested, please let them know about us.

God Bless,

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