Saturday, June 11, 2011

Micah's 3!!

So I have been having a really hard time the past few weeks with the reality of Micah turning 3 years old. It is so amazing and wonderful, he is getting ready to start preschool and we are working on getting him a computer system that tracks his eyes. He loves it it is called an eyegaze system by Dynavox. He is amazing in his attitude and intelligence. he is tall and growing like a weed! Right now he LOVES Toy Story and he has to watch Toy Story 3 like every day!

But along with the good i cant help but think about what it means as far as the progression of his disease and the kids that have "earned their wings" this year. Two of the sweet boys I follow on their blog are gone now both before their third birthday, a little girl almost four and a baby just weeks old! One especially hit me really hard, I think its because he reminds me so much of Micah. But enough of that!

Micah is 3 and this is a blessing we thought may never come! Thank you God for one more year and we pray for more!


Anonymous said...

Happy late Birthday, Micah! I try to stop by and visit your blog about once a month or so and I am so happy to hear about your birthday!

I met you at Gwendolyn's 2nd birthday party when that silly train scared you half to death. Your mommy and daddy took such good care of you that day - and your brother, too. I know you love them so very much.

Take good care of yourself and keep all those colds away from you, OK?

Lots of love to you and your family.


Darren and Jody said...

Happy Birthday Micah!

Lynne Fausset said...

Your family is amazing! And a true testimony to God's glory! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

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