Saturday, July 25, 2009


So last night I had just finished all of Micah's stuff(nebulizer, suction, vest treatment, suction, cough assist, suction) and usually he is great after, little to no secretions, but last night he was just juicy. So I let Daddy have a little lovie time with Micah(that is how we do it almost every night) and when Micah started to have a little bit of a hard time I took him. I held him up on my shoulder because this is how he can be held and still manage his drool. I began to talk to him and tell him I was gonna get him and he just started giggling like I have never heard him giggle before. He had me laughing too. So I kept tickling him until I was tired of laughing. Snuggling, loving, laughing, smiling, talking, happy baby. What is better than that! Joseph wasn't involved in our lovie time tonight because he was already asleep! Thank you God for another amazing day with this sweet sweet baby.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet Chelsea. Makes me tear up. What a special memory.
-Rachel Crawford

Anonymous said...

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