Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This week so far has already been busy. Monday I took him to the pulmonologist we see and we are going to be adding 3 more steps to our day. Cough assist we will be doing twice a day to help Micah clear the secretion in his chest, Xopenox is a medicine that helps open up his lungs and another medicine that helps slow down the secretions. He is really good at keeping me busy.

Micah has been sick, a little viral thing I think. As you know we took him to the doctor last week and had an x-ray and that was all okay, but this week he has a fever and has been spitting up green stuff. I am not sure if it is from his lungs of draining from his nose, and he has been very fussy. Micah has also had a higher than normal heart rate and that is a sure sign that something is wrong. Last night we gave him the robinol for the first time and it work great!! He still didn't sleep well but he stopped choking on his spit. This morning he seems to be doing much better, his heart rate is normal for him and he is smiling again. He does still have a mild fever just 99.0 but you never know with these kids.

I wanted to share this verse a friend shared with me. I think of Rachel, Kim, Victoria & Bill, Jen and all the other families out there who are facing challenges like this.

"If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction." Ps 119:92


Anonymous said...

Hopefully things will get better for Micah this week and he will begin to feel better as the week goes on. I'm sure you are tired and wore out, but I have to say you are a true trooper and I'm sure Micah is thankful to have such a great Mom. Take care of you because when you are wore down then you won't be able to take care of everyone else. I hope to meet you and Micah someday soon. Keep up the good work...God will make it worth while for you and yours. Have a great day...Bobby and Lisa...

hestermom said...

Hey Chelsea, even though I am not contagious, I thought I would stay away at least until next week. But I have been praying for Micah, and will continue to do so. Be encouraged, my friend, for although these days are very difficult, the work God is doing in you is beautiful, and many can see it (including your sweet Micah-man) What a legacy you are creating for your boys, you are living out your faith every day in the midst of the most difficult of opposition. Thank you for sharing with us! I love you!

Kim Graham said...

Thank you for posting that verse, Chelsea! That is definitely one of my favorites during these difficult times..because, as the verse says, if we dont find joy in our God and His Word, these afflictions really would be too much to handle. And praise God about your stroller, that will be so great to have what you finally need!

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