Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second attempt.

Today I also had to take Micah to try to draw his blood again. Our first try was terrible. It wasn't because of the lab or the people but because I had fooled myself by thinking that Micah had been doing so well he wasn't really that sick. When they couldn't draw a small amount of blood from him, and he is crying and crying and looking at me for comfort and I can't pick him up to comfort him because they are sticking him for the third or fourth time in his other arm, it hit me hard. My baby is still very sick no matter how well he is doing right now. So they were not able to get blood from Micah at the first lab 3 people tried he was stuck three or four times in each arm and was totally stressed out but the end. They asked if I wanted them to try one more time I said NO!. We called the doctor and go the to get an auth for another lab. I lost it I cried so hard and so long.

So today I took Micah to another lab today I was prepared for the worst and it happened. Micah was stuck three or four times in each arm by 3 people but on the last stick she got it. WHEEW! They were so close to calling the doctor and getting an order to try his feet and legs!!! I do not know how I would have handled that. a few hours after we were home I got a call to let me know everything was normal!! Thank you God!

Tonight Joseph wanted to spend time with Micah , It was so cute. They got in the crib together and watched Despereaux. I love my boys.


Harrell said...

I am so glad everything worked out with the exception of them poking him way TOO much! AAHH! I just don't know how you do it each and every day! You are amazing:)

hestermom said...

AH Chels, I am so sorry for the little guy. He is such a trooper!! That is so sweet that Joe will lay next to him in the crib. Precious, the love they have for each other.

Provl8dy said...

I love the pic of them together. How sweet. It must warm your heart tremendously.

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