Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last night!!

So lat night I was getting Micah ready for bed I cleaned his face and got his jammas on. I had noticed he is having a little irritation on his button so I put a gauze under it and taped it so the movement of it would not irritate it further. then I decided to put the extension tube in and tape it also and when I took micah to bed the tube caught between me and the crib and pulled the whole thing out!! There was an open hole in his stomach and I was responsible for it. I quickly stuck my finger over it so that his whole stomach contents would not come out and yelled for my husband to help me. When he cam in the room he panicked and asked what he could do. I quickly got my head together and got the button back in and cleaned up everything. Of course this is the kind of thing that happens to me when I am trying to be careful with my sons button. Then I gave him some motrin hoping that would stop him from crying and I have yet to look at it this morning but MAN I just dont know!

I am not able to upload the picts from my camera to the computer right now. last week we had a virus on our computer so I need to call the place and ask them what to do about it. Then I will post a pict of Micah's new braces for his little feet!

Oh and he is teething so he has been very cranky and we had a terrible experience at the lab trying to get blood drawn last week . I go more in to it later.


Provl8dy said...
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Provl8dy said...

Oohh...scary. Hope it gets taken care of smoothly and quickly.

Whit, Lindsey, and Jonas said...

Oh man I know...I've done the same thing! It's horrible. Jonas acted as if nothing happened as I collapsed to the floor horrified. Good thing my husband was there.
Hope those teeth just make it through fast.

Kim said...

oh the things that only a parent of a g-tube go through! i was much more fearful when that happened when he first got the tube, but after a few more months it was no big deal, so at least you get desensitized eventually :)

Victoria Strong said...

Yikes. Did you take him to the doctor to check it out or do you just put a new one in and inflate the balloon?

Chelsea Marshall said...

I just put it back in and cleaned it up. I did check to make sure it was still in his stomach but it has been fine since with the exception of a little granuloma tissue.

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