Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday dinners.

So my mother just decided that she was gonna start doing dinner for the family on Sunday, Make it if you can and she'll feed you. That's kinda what she told us. I have been enjoying the time we spend there, I usually only see my family once a week and we live in the same town but mostly because I get to see my brother, sorry mom I love you too, but my brother is 22 and lives in Santa Barbara so we never used to get to see him. Now we know we will pretty much get to see him on Sunday nights.

This is Uncle Sean with Micah a couple of Sundays ago. I am so proud of my brother, he really took Micah's diagnosis hard just like all of us and it was right in the middle of finals at college for him and he still did well. I know Joseph loves his time with Uncle Sean too because Uncle Sean will do just about anything Joseph wants to do.


Anonymous said...


Dinner at Mom's sounds great. I'm sure she enjoys that time with you and I'm sure you enjoy the time with her and Sean. I'm so glad you are taking some time away from the house. Bobby and Lisa

hestermom said...

CHELSEA, I am FREAKING OUT!! That cannot possibly be the same kid we tortured all those years!!! =) I can't believe what a grown up Sean is!!

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