Thursday, April 16, 2009

HA HA!!!

So Joseph is really into swords and knights and dragons so I found some foam shields in the dollar basket at Target and he and Daddy have been dueling!(Yes Daddy's sword is a hockey stick and Joseph's sword is a drum stick!) BOYS


Tara & Mark said...

We got the mask from canada to but Brynlee is super allergic to the blue gel. So we can't use any mask with the gel. She gets blisters after one night with the gel mask. I guess I will just have to call PCMC and ask the wound nurse. Thanks for the help!!

Provl8dy said...

Step away from the hockey stick and drum stick. I repeat Step away. (Or Don might find himself on AFV getting a shot in the kister!) Then again, if it gets you $100,000 maybe you should look into filming a duel??

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